"When using the scholarship, I used it towards tuition. Using it for tuition allowed me to focus on my studies and to learn how to adjust going into college. Without the scholarship money, I would have likely gotten a job. The job would have taken time out of my day that I used to study for tests and to do homework. The scholarship help takes that pressure off so that I could properly figure out my time management for each day and to stay ahead on the homework that led to me excelling in most of my classes. This award helped me and will help others in similar situations and allow everyone to succeed in their new journey of college."

Hannah Seyler

"New beginnings are hard and there were a lot of changes during the last six months. Physically I had to move to a new city, unfamiliar environment, new people, different problems. Luckily, I was blessed of having my family by my side at this new experience and the help of mentors and organizations like WISH Foundation. The scholarship that I received from WISH Foundation, along with others where the reason I was able to sleep in the nights. Having that financial support, especially during the first days made the whole difference. I was expecting to use the funds to get a bed and food for my first month in Tucson, but I had to pay for the books at the same time and I decided to sleep in the floor (which is something that I am totally fine and used to) and save more money with food in order to be able to afford paying for books, without the help of this scholarship I have never had the possibility to pay for books or other tools for school.That is why I still feeling that passion that led me towards nursing and helping the community, because I feel that other students could have tremendous ideas and capability but less opportunities and I would like to help bringing those opportunities. Even if it just starts with giving advice to other people, telling others about my story, about similar stories; the story that day to day repeats over and over and one day, I will be able to help them in observance of a better future. I want to end this paper with my thanks and appreciation to everyone who helped others in this award. "

Jose Ramon Tofalla

"Thank you for the Wish Foundation Scholarship for this year. It has helpedimmensely in covering my costs for books, supplies, and on-campus living expenses. This scholarship has helped me complete a fulfilling semester at ASU's Barrett Honors College. This semester, I was able to gain honors credit in five classes, by both projects/ presentations in these classes and taking higher-level honors courses. Due to this, I have gained all of the lower-division honors credits I need for graduation in just one semester. The WISH Scholarship has been a great form of recognition and motivation for me during this semester, and I am looking forward to reapplying next year."

Naina Misra

"I was delighted to have attended the inaugural WISH Foundation charity event. The musicians were fantastic and very talented. I could have listened to them for hours. It is hard to believe that an entire family could play their instruments with so much synergy. The singer was very elegant with a lovely voice. She too was very talented. The presentation by Dr. Rao was very heartwarming and it was about being a part of the community and giving back to others. Dr. Rao discussed the goals and the mission of the WISH Foundation. Sumi gave a lovely speech and thanked everyone for coming to the event. We were served with a very tasty and delicious lunch. I was blessed to have been a part of the inaugural event and I met many lovely people. In life it is our duty to serve others and to give back as much as we can. Best regards."

Diane F., Nationwide Vision

"My husband and I really enjoyed the wish foundation charity event. The music and food was wonderful. The vision you all have for helping the kids in need is such a heart warming gift. Thank you."

Vikki Duarte, Nationwide Vision

"To Whom It May Concern;
I would like to thank The Wish Foundation for providing glasses by Zenni Optical for the less fortunate students at Wilson Elementary. We currently have over 700 students enrolled in the elementary school and over 600 in the Primary for the 2018-2019 school year. Many of these students do not have medical insurance and are unable to afford the expensive costs for glasses. This year we conducted wellness checks for all grades (4-8) in the Elementary and (preK-3) in the Primary school. We found that over 300 students needed new glasses or had glasses that were broken or lost. Since September, Dr. Rao and Dr. Raj were able to help fund 2 students with glasses. There is a need for this service here at Wilson Elementary. I have a list of about 4 more students that currently need this assistance. The two students who have received their glasses this week are extremely pleased and happy. they both feel that they don't struggle with reading the board and can actually see colors more vividly. I hope that this organiation will continue to aid in the help that these families need."

Sumaya Candy, LPN, Wilson Elementary School Nurse

"You are all so AWESOME! Thank you for all you do and for helping our students!"

Cindy Campton, Wilson Elementary Principal

"The WISH event was very well conducted and both participants and the audience enjoyed the entertainment and the delicious lunch. Truly enjoyed the veena and vocal performances!.....Thanks."

Anita Rangaswamy

Testimonials from Wilson Elementary School District #7 Students Who Received Glasses

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