Sandhya & Balaji Family Trust Award for Higher studies towards a career in Arts/ Humanities/ Science/ Technology/ Engineering/ Education

  1. Any student graduating from an Arizona High School in summer of 2021 with a family annual income at or below $45,000. (Provide a copy of most recent tax return available. Mask all tax and banking identification numbers)
  2. Unweighted GPA minimum 3.0 on a scale of 4.0 (Provide copy of unofficial transcript)
  3. Two letters of recommendation from school faculty, at least one from your high school teacher in the selected field of higher study, with contact information (Phone and email) for follow-up if needed.
  4. Acceptance in an accredited University or Community College in USA (Provide a copy of acceptance letter)
  5. Aptitude for career in Arts/Humanities/Science/Technology/Engineering/Education (Submit a 250-words essay expressing goals and plan to pursue higher education towards this goal)
  6. Minimum of 40 hours of community service accumulated during Junior and senior years before application date. (Provide document with phone/email contact information of the sponsor of each service activity)
  7. Extra-curricular activities (list)

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